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Amanecer Amarillo
1169 Mexican Handmade Tile Amanecer Amarillo 1169
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Amanecer Azul
1170 Mexican Handpainted Tile Amanecer Azul 1170
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Amanecer Cenefa
1171 Mexican Ceramic Tile Amanecer Cenefa 1171
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Amanecer Esquina
1172 Mexican Talavera Tile Amanecer Esquina 1172
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Concha Azul Cenefa
1173 Mexican Clay Tile Concha Azul Cenefa 1173
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Concha Azul Esquina
1174 Mexican Colonial Tile Concha Azul Esquina 1174
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Medallon Azul Esq
1175 Mexican Decorative Tile Medallon Azul Esquina 1175, San Diego California
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Medallon Azul Cene
1176 Mexican Tile Medallon Azul Cenefa 1176 , San Diego California
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Medallon Terracotta
1177 Mexican Tile Medallon Terracotta Cenefa, San Antonio Texas
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Medallon Terracotta
1178 Mexican Tile Medallon Terracotta Esquina 1178, Malibu California
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Specifications Purchase Policies

* Due to its handmade and hand painted process Mexican Talavera Tiles may present slight variations on size, color and design, which is not an imperfection, it only adds to the uniqueness of each handmade piece of art.
* The body of the Mexican Talavera Tiles is made of red clay , Tiles are not perfectly flat and they may present small chips or cracks on the surface.
* On 4x4 inch Mexican Talavera Tiles will have a inch of thickness, the thickness may vary on a smaller or larger Tiles.
* Consider that Mexican Talavera Tiles will look different in your computer than in real life due to your monitors settings.
* The main color use as a background in all our Mexican Talavera Tiles is off white kind of yellowish.
* The basic colors that we carry to paint our Mexican Talavera Tiles are cobalt blue, green, yellow and terracotta (rust).
* Suitable for light duty; i.e.: walls, counters, tubs and shower enclosures.
* Mexican Talavera Tiles are not frost proof.
* Do not use abrasive or acid cleansers.
* We suggest to add 10% of your final order in case of any waste or broken pieces.